145th Anniversary Celebration

24 July, 2005

145th Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday, 24th July 2005, over 900 people attended the display at the Community Centre, to celebrate the 145th Anniversary of the building of the blockhouse that gave the area its name.

A model of the blockhouse was displayed and a booklet telling the story formed part of the display. Lots of photos of the early days of both people and places were displayed and formed talking points for the many visitors. Old friendships were renewed, reunions held and many memories recalled.

The exhibition and sales table at the celebration of the 145th anniversary of the blockhouse

Military artefacts of the period were also on display, and a group from the Howick Colonial village, dressed in authentic uniforms of the 65th Regiment of Foot, who were stationed in the blockhouse, also lent colour to the event.

Home baked refreshments were available and proved very popular, with much talking continuing over welcome cups of tea.

Many compliments were received, as well as requests to repeat the event and stage it for a longer period.