Heritage Week

Weddings and the Ever Afters

In collaboration with the Blockhouse Bay Library, the Blockhouse Bay Historical Society presents a dual exhibition of wedding images, stories and memorabilia through time. Both venues are located in the Gittos Domain and we encourage everyone to view these complimentary exhibitions in tandem. There will be a wide variety of images across differing era’s, many sourced from the community as well as our extensive archives. Together, we celebrate the history of love in the Bay.

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Heritage Festival 2007

Heritage Festival 2007 — Historic Photographs Display The John Davie Te Whau Performing Arts Centre at Blockhouse Bay Primary School was the venue for this display of historic photos depicting aspects of early life in the Bay. The photos were all from our extensive Archives, and by participating in the Auckland-wide Heritage Festival we were able to provide an opportunity for the wider community to view these. Heritage Week 2007 display Many of our members and members of the public took time to visit and browse, and relive memories of times past.

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Heritage Week 2006

Auckland City Heritage Week, 16–24 September 2006 Auckland City Heritage Week was celebrated all over the city and the Society hosted a number of activities in Blockhouse Bay village. Armanasco House was opened and featured a photographic display from our archives from 16-17 and 21-24 September. Local residents took advantage of the occasion to visit the House as, although it is used as a meeting venue, it is not normally open to the public.

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